CEIMA collects and posts comparative and international education instructional materials from universities worldwide on a web-based archive. Resource sharing will assist in enhancing instructional practice, facilitating inter-university dialogue, and documenting the dynamic and evolving nature of the field.

Toward these ends, the Teaching Comparative Education SIG invites all university faculty and instructors to submit descriptions and explanations of in-class activities, paper and presentation assignments, small-scale ethnographic research projects, and other innovative instructional materials along with accompanying course syllabi. Faculty and instructors will have the opportunity to provide linkages to their academic homepages, departments, and universities via the archive.

To submit materials, please follow the instructions provided within the "Submit Materials" page, provided in the navigation bar to the left.

History of CEIMA Development

Patricia K. Kubow and Bruce Collet are the founding creators of the Comparative Education Instructional Materials Archive (CEIMA), and graduate students at Bowling Green State University at the time, namely Meghan Burley, Leilani Kupo, and Christina Wright Fields, contributed to its initial electronic development.  Patricia Kubow, now at Indiana University (IU), carried on with CEIMA's development with IU graduate students James Brown and Evan Mickey.  With the advent of the newly created website for the CIES Teaching Comparative Education Special Interest Group (SIG) by Patricia Kubow and Evan Mickey, it was deemed beneficial to locate CEIMA on the SIG website (http://www.ciestcesig.org), as CEIMA is an ongoing major activity of the SIG and provides for greater visibility for the CIES membership.