Course Name                                                           Instructor                         Institution

International Education Policy                                 Christopher J. Frey          BGSU

Globalization and Its Implications for Education     Roozbeh Shirazi               Columbia

Comparative Education                                           Antoinette Errante           Ohio State

Globalization and Education                                   Noah W. Sobe                  Loyola - Chicago

Comparative Education                                           Patricia K. Kubow            BGSU

Cultural Studies in Education                                   Bruce Collet                    BGSU

Seminar on Globalization and Education                  Christina Wright             BGSU

Alternative Education, Alternative Development       Steven Klees                    Maryland

Political Economy of Ed. in a Global Context           Steven Klees                    Maryland                         

Introduction to Research Methods                            Steven Klees                     Maryland

Issues in Globalization and Education                       Qiang Zha                       York

MEd: Comparative Education                                  Mark Bray                         Hong Kong University  

Comparative Education                                            Aaron Benavot                   University of Albany

Comparative Ed and Democratization                      Erwin H. Epstein               Loyola - Chicago

Comparative Theory                                                 Erwin H. Epstein               Loyola - Chicago

Comparative Education                                             Erwin H. Epstein               Loyola - Chicago

Comparative and International Education                 Jose Cossa                          N/A

Comparative Analysis                                                Jose Cossa                           N/A

Comparative and International Education                 Lisa Smulyan                      Swarthmore College

International and Comparative Education                 Chris Bjork                         Vassar College

International Higher Education                                Bernhard Streitwieser           George Washington University

Understanding ICE through Films                           Marcelo Parreira do Amaral   University of Münster